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May 25 2010

Unexpected Interlude

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Sometimes knitting on the train means you get into interesting conversations. Last night the conductor paused as she was collecting tickets, leaned over, and asked me, “Is that a sock?” It was, so I let her get a look, and she spent a good five minutes exclaiming and asking questions while I explained how it […]

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May 19 2010

Startitis Strikes Again

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So I was doing good. I had wrapped up a bunch of projects, some Sekrit Gift Knitting has been finished up, I was cleaning out all sorts of things on the needles. And then Startitis hit. It started with socks. This is Revival, by my buddy Glenna, who has a way of making twisted stitches […]

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Mar 28 2010

Lions and Lambs

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I’ve done lots of knitting this month. Want proof? Look at my To Be Blocked Pile: That is a Featherweight Cardigan on the bottom (Dream in Color Baby in Chinatown Apple) and a Simple Thing Shawlette on the top (Madtosh Sock in Rosewood). They are both beautiful beautiful beautiful and I love them to bits… […]

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Feb 28 2010

Serious Citius Fail

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So the Vancouver Olympics closing ceremonies are later today, the men’s hockey final is blaring away on the television downstairs (I like both teams, so I am simply rooting for whoever is down at that give moment. Haters to the left.) and I am knitting with Melissa, while her husband makes poutine and nachos (fine […]

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Feb 15 2010


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I am participating in the Ravelympics. This, when it grows up, is going to be a Featherweight Cardigan. Right now, on Day 3, I am almost done with the raglan increases. And I best be getting back to it. These figure skaters are making me feel like I need graceful things in my life, and […]

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Jan 28 2010


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The weather has alternated between cold and colder lately, and it makes me want to curl up next to the fire and just stay there. The problem with that plan is that I forget to show you things, like my finished Ron socks: Which socks I have worn several times already and I adore. Oranges […]

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Jan 09 2010

WIPs and Wollmeise

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I haven’t really written much about knitting resolutions. They’ll get their own post one of these days, but briefly, they involve socks, practicing my drop spindle more regularly, and making more of an effort to share WIPs instead of just waiting until they’re finished. So to that end, I thought I’d show you what’s on […]

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Nov 15 2009


My friend Melissa came up to the city on Friday and we went on a little adventure to the Cloisters. We saw very impressive carvings: and walked around the gardens, which are all ready for winter: Then we went downtown to see the Lion Brand Studio, but we forgot to check their hours. They were […]

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Nov 11 2009

Don’t hate me

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We’ve reached that time… the Christmas Crunch has started. I think Kate’s post on the subject has been the funniest treatment so far, so I won’t even try to beat that. I’ll just be smug that I’ve got at least some of it done already. Now. Back to work. Only 43 more knitting days til […]

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Aug 15 2009

Day at the Beach

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Literally! I was at a picnic today, where I dined on lots of shellfish: drank lots of delicious delicious pomegranate Mike’s, and waded in the water. This is the beach where I learned to swim back in the day, and I love every last rock and gigantic chunk of seaweed. There’s a little sand in […]

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