I promised myself at New Year’s that this year I would start a proper knitting blog. Since it’s now February and a twelfth of the year has slipped by…well, no time like the present.

For Christmas, Santa did not give me enough time to knit, but I finished everything anyway — albeit at the last minute. Have an assortment:

Scandanivian Christmas Stocking Christmas presents

Victorian Heelless Sleeping Socks Felted Oven Mitt/Potholder set

IMG_1916 IMG_1921

Then I immediately dove into post-Christmas recovery, started working on presents for upcoming baby showers:

Winnie the Pooh Sweater

…knit a hat, cast on a Clapotis, cast on the Lady Eleanor stole from Scarf Style, and now it’s February and I still haven’t finished the mate to my lonely Whitby sock. He’s my train knitting at the moment, and trying to cable without a needle over the Jamaica Shuffle… well, it’s taking a while. But soon. Soon there will be more socks. And posts. Perhaps, even… posts about socks. Fancy that.