Jul 07 2010


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It has been very hot. New York City set a heat record yesterday: 105 degrees Farenheit. (Or, if you speak Celsius, 40 degrees.) Since I am not a summer person, it is, bluntly, hell.

So. I cope by hiding in the air conditioning, and I knit socks, because they are nice and small. I finished one today:


I am making a pair of Jaywalkers out of Lorna’s Laces sock yarn, because Glenna’s collection of Lorna’s Jaywalkers is inspiring, and like her I aspire to own a pair of them for every day of the week. (Two down, one in progress.)

These colors are so amazing that even though it’s too hot to even want to touch wool I cannot stop knitting. The colorway is called Gold Hill, and it’s just enchanting. Seriously. Look at this colorway.


It’s like the Lorna’s people took all of my favorite colors and shook them up and put them on yarn. (Well, almost. It’s missing blue. If it had a nice dutch blue in there I wouldn’t need another color of yarn ever again.) I want more of this colorway. I am actively considering tracking down every skein of this colorway in existence and hoarding them, just so I will never run out. (Don’t laugh, I did that when Knitpicks discontinued their Dancing sock yarn.) I’m not sure I will be able to wear these socks when they’re finished, because I’m going to be too busy admiring the colors to actually stop and put my feet into shoes.

That, and it’s just too hot to wear socks right now, but you get the idea.

I eagerly await the return of sock weather. Tomorrow would be great.

Stop laughing. Dreaming of sock weather is the only thing that gets me through heat waves. Sock weather. Mmm.

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  1. Kate says:

    ohmygosh that colorway is GORGEOUS! WOW. WOW WOW WOW. <3.

    The Jaywalkers look great! Would you believe I still haven't gotten around to trying that pattern?!


    Abbie Reply:

    It’s the color equivalent of crack, I swear. I just want to look at it ALL THE TIME.

    You should totally give Jaywalkers a whirl. I know it’s got a reputation because everybody and their mother has knit it, but it’s really a terrific pattern and it works so well for heavily variegated stuff like a lot of the Lorna’s colorways. And it’s not a taxing knit at all, which is good because my brain is fried!


  2. Sera says:

    Gold Hill is, without a doubt, my favorite LL colorway ever.

    That is all.


    Abbie Reply:

    You are clearly a woman of exceptional taste.


  3. Marjorie says:

    wow – looks great – your stitches are perfect, and the colourway very “cool” and I like that you took the pic on what looks like a giant block of ice (a lil’ projecting of unfulfilled wishes there? 😉 ) I’m just about finished my socks in LL altho’ they’re just a basic sock – not quite ready yet to tackle Jaywalkers. Glad you don’t live on this side of the continent as hopefully my LYS will have some Gold Hill you’ve missed . . . .


    Abbie Reply:

    It kind of does look like ice, doesn’t it? It’s really just my patio table, but maybe if I imagine it as a block of ice I will feel cooler…

    If you leave any of the Gold Hill behind I totally claim it. What colorway are you using for yours?


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