WIPs and Wollmeise

I haven’t really written much about knitting resolutions. They’ll get their own post one of these days, but briefly, they involve socks, practicing my drop spindle more regularly, and making more of an effort to share WIPs instead of just waiting until they’re finished.

So to that end, I thought I’d show you what’s on the needles right now.

I am working on socks. Big surprise, I know.
Ron Socks
I started these at about 11:40 pm New Year’s Eve, so that I could be knitting fresh socks as the clock ticked over into a New Year. This is the Opel Harry Potter yarn, in the Ron colorway that I was so excited to score at this past year’s Vermont Sheep & Wool. Basic stockinette on account of the stripes, and may I just say how much I love the colors? These are meeting my requirements for autumnal oranges quite nicely – to be expected, considering the character the colorway is named after.

Wollmeise Aestlight
In the other corner, please meet my Aestlight. I’m doing the large size with the wonderful skein of Wollmeise that Melissa gave me for my birthday last year, in the True Love colorway. I’m almost done with the bird’s eye lace border, and am gearing up to tackle the edging.

I’m contemplating naming this project “Sailors Take Warning” but I’m not sure how many people will follow my mental leaps there.

And speaking of Wollmeise…
I got a little package in the mail today, far sooner than I expected it to arrive. (Mad props to the Loopy Ewe for that!)

Backstory: I’d just been telling Melissa over New Year’s about my long, patient attempt to acquire this particular colorway of Wollmeise. I’d been coveting this color for months, stalking the destash group on Ravelry and being beaten to the punch for the few skeins available. But on Tuesday, word started filtering out that the Loopy Ewe had just put an update live. And there it was, the Rhabarber I’d been coveting.

So I got it.


And some Lavendel for good measure, because when a Wollmeise update lands in your lap you take advantage. It arrived with the mail this morning and I sat there for a while just enjoying the fact that it’s mine, and just a pretty in person as I’d hoped. Now I just need to figure out what to do with it. Ideas?

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  1. Take the project name and run with it. I love naming projects rather cryptically. And after all, “The main obligation is to amuse yourself.” (SJ Perelman)
    (I might cross-stitch that onto a sampler and hang it on the wall)

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