Summer’s still hanging on in my part of New York, but I’m starting to feel ready for fall. Last week I had dinner at the local beach with family and cast on a sock. That’s what you do at the beach, right?

A newly cast-on sock lying on a beach blanket with the Long Island Sound at sunset in the background.

But I feel autumn creeping in. The leaves are ever so slightly starting to let their colors peek through; the nights are growing delightfully chilly. Autumn is my favorite season and I have a newly organized stash and notions collection all ready to go. I also have revamped the site here and my pattern sales.

Over the last few months I’ve realized I have quite a few ideas for accessories I’d like to work on developing, and that I’ve really let my attention to the blog lapse over the last few years. So this autumn I am going to work on rectifying both of those things. I also have set up a new pattern store on Payhip for people who are no longer comfortable using Ravelry. I am going to continue maintaining my pattern store on Ravelry as well for the time being, and if you give me your Rav username when you check out on Payhip I am happy to send the pattern to your Rav library as well if you plan to continue using that as a backup.

Long story short…I’ve been busy. But I’m pretty happy with everything right now, and I’m feeling a bit celebratory. So how about a coupon? I love coupons. If you purchase a pattern on Payhip, use code happyautumn for 25% off until September 30, 2020. Autumn is coming, accessories are great, and today is a great day to cast on something fun.

A collage of Rush Hour Knitting designs