Guys, this was the best Rhinebeck ever. Let me show you.

Anne Hanson!  And me!

This? This is me with Anne Hanson. We were waiting on line Saturday morning to get our passes and I realized that a) Anne was standing about 20 feet in front of us, and b) I was wearing my Honeybee shawlette, which she designed. So one of my roommates (thanks, Gingy!) marched me over to show off, and Anne pointed out I had it on upside down and promptly proceeded to take it off for me, put it on the right way, and tuck the ends in nicely. (I swear to Bob I can dress myself, really. I was putting on my coat and knits in the parking field and I had no mirror and it was windy. STOP LAUGHING.) Anyway, she kindly let Melissa take a picture of us, and was so gracious and wonderful that I am a fan for life. I already admired her prolific design skills, but now, more importantly, I admire her for being awesome. Thank you for making my weekend, Anne.

Rhinebeck 2010

Here’s Jennifer, Gingy, and Melissa, showing off their October Leaves! (Gingy’s also wearing her hat, which I might just have ready to go by the end of the month…I think.) They threw up some knitta signs for you all. Not pictured is Melissa’s husband Doug and Liz, our last roommate. We spent so much time laughing this weekend that my sides ached by the time I went home. It was awesome.

I saw lots of famous knitting people, like in this fine example of kinnearing:

Rhinebeck 2010

(Can you spot Jess from Ravelry and Vicki Howell?) I did not kinnear Kate Gilbert, but I did actually stand with her in a conversation while I got to pet the sample for Cityscape, which I’m going to make because it’s just glorious. And I got to see lots of friends old and new, like Sandi Wiseheart and Jennifer in the Holiday Yarns booth (two of my favorite people) and Rebecca and Glenna and Melanie, and gals from the LSG in NY gang, like Cleo and Liz. (And lots of people I never managed to find at all, or who couldn’t make it. Next year!) So much socializing.

And posing with nightgowns.

Rhinebeck 2010

That’s Gingy and Liz, our fourth roommate. They are both awesome.

My shopping was…well, let’s just say that every year I claim I am going to be restrained and come back under budget, and every year it’s a vicious lie.

Rhinebeck Loot

This pile includes sockweight from Holiday Yarns, some STR mill ends, more laceweight from Sliver Moon and A Touch of Twist, a mystery skein from the sale bin at Briar Rose in a beautiful teal, some BUGGA and Gaia Fingering from Sanguine Gryphon (so excited!) and fiber from Cloverleaf Farms, Ellen’s 1/2 Pint (another sale bin find) and an Abby Batt. (Since I too am an Abbie it seemed only appropriate.) As happens when you practice a thing, I am feeling more and more comfortable with my drop spindle, so getting more fiber to play with seemed like a good idea. There’s also a Nine Tailors sock kit from the Tsarina of Tsocks hiding in there, an early Christmas present from Jennifer, who loves me and is my favorite person. (Except for when Liz fetches up coffee for the room from the hotel’s breakfast buffet, at which point she becomes my favorite person.) It’s a really lovely little stash, and maybe by this time next year I’ll have even knit most of it up. I am really excited about that.

Spending a weekend surrounded by good friends, under clear blue skies and surrounded by beautiful colors and sheep and llamas and alpacas, will make anybody feel at peace with the world. I plan to hold onto my Rhinebeck zen as long as possible, because it’s the best feeling in the world.

Rhinebeck 2010

If you’d like to see all of the pictures, I present this handy slideshow:

Thanks, Melissa & Doug for driving and all your delicious acer & mead, and Gingy & Liz & Jennifer for being excellent roommates and all of you for being so much fun. I haven’t had such a good time in a long time.

Next year I’ll stick to my shopping list. Really. STOP LAUGHING.

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  1. I just read it! Super exciting, I have my fingers crossed for you guys! And if you guys decide to wander up to New York at any point you know you have a tour guide, right? 🙂

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