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Four days…
Les Abeilles Shawlette

…and I have cast off. Fastest shawlette ever, overlooking the part where I knit the mini version and I had a lot of time to knit in the car so of course I’d finish it so quickly. It’s not blocked yet, but I figured I would show it off anyway, because HOMG IT’S SO PRETTY.

To explain from my last post: Les Abeilles is french for “bees,” and the motif on the bottom is exactly that:

Les Abeilles Shawlette

See? Bees. Bees, knit up in a colorway called Wild Flower Honey, which was spun for me by Melissa, which name comes from the Greek for… bee. See what I did there?

I have a fair amount of yarn left, so I am making up some mitts to match. Epic Rhinebeck yarn accessories are epic, folks.

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