Gift Knitting

So when you have knitworthy relatives who have big life events happening (for example, getting engaged), and you also have a tradition of knitting afghans to gift to knitworthy relatives on the occasion of their marriages… you have a very dry blogging spell, because you don’t want to post spoilery images and ruin the surprise. When it’s TWO afghans, it takes even longer.

But then I reasoned, that while they follow my Instagram, they don’t really pay attention to this site. So you can have a few close-ups, as a treat.

A blanket square of a mitered cross knit in a variegated yarn with purple, pink, orange, yellow, and navy stripes.  The cross is bordered by a log cabin frame in a cream colored yarn.
Gift one.
A partially-completed, deeply textured afghan knit in a bulky cream yarn.  Squishy cables bracket stitches forming large diamonds with seed stitch centers.  Two skeins of yarn are lying next to the work.
Gift two.

Gift One is finished and will be presented to its recipients soon, and Gift Two is in progress. Once they are completed and presented I will write them up in fuller detail.

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