Tour de Spectator

I spent my holiday visiting Melissa, who is doing the Tour de Fleece and spent every night spinning while I indoctrinated her in the wonder that is Orphan Black. I do not own a spinning wheel, and I’m not much of a spinner, so I’m calling myself a spectator:


(I did not spin that all at once. I am trying to spin more, because it’s nice to be able to make one’s own yarn, and also getting to spin with a Golding is an absolute treat, I must admit.

I did! however, complete the knitting on this lovely item:


This is the first of what will be many, many sweaters for Peanut, my future niece or nephew. I must pick out buttons and do the finishing and blocking, but I’m so excited by how it’s come out. I think I’ll start a Baby Surprise Jacket next…so many adorable things to make!

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