Goodnight, Irene

Hi there, internet. I’m posting which means I do, in fact, have power — unlike most of Long Island. Something like half of the households are still out following this weekend’s hurricane, so I’m feeling pretty fortunate. We had a lot of wind and rain, but now that the storm has passed it’s peaceful and everything smells fresh and clean.

We did have some pretty large trees go down in the storm:

Irene's Aftermath

like this big old one by the public library. The whole thing just came up out of the ground, roots and all. My yard got off pretty lightly in comparison:

Irene's Aftermath

We cleaned up everything today, so I decided to celebrate by having a winding party.

Winding party

It was very strange to sit outside winding yarn in such fresh-smelling air, looking at the perfectly sunny, blue sky, when it was so stormy just a day before. I’m very glad my family & neighborhood got through OK, and my heart’s going out to Vermont and the shore communities in NC and NJ that have been so decimated.

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  1. Winding outside, eh? That sounds perfectly pleasureable! (My winding all happens in the craft room. Very dull and, at times (like 3/4 into a 1200-yd hank of laceweight…) even bleak.

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