May 28 2011

The Return of the Traveling Sock

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Traveling Sock took a little trip today. My friend Vhary has been in town this week (in advance of a move out to San Francisco for grad school) and we met up today in the city and wandered around the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, as I had never been there before and Vhary felt it necessary to rectify this.

I took some pictures, as one does.

St. John's Cathedral 5/28/11

St. John's Cathedral 5/28/11

I love grand cathedrals and churches, and I had a wonderful time wandering in all the chapels and corners with Vhary. Afterwards, she agreed to hold the Traveling Sock for me while we were walking around the grounds:

St. John's Cathedral 5/28/11

(This was supposed to be March’s socks. I’m a little behind.)

Once the heat got to be too much, we repaired to a coffee shop and had lunch and lingered over coffee and tea, and then we went to Knitty City, to look at the yarn and the colors. Now, Vhary can knit, but she doesn’t do it often. Her hobby is blues dancing, which is a horse of a slightly different color. But she fell in love with this yarn:


so she bought it, and I am going to make her a shawlette. We discussed patterns briefly. I had one of my Simple Things with me, which she liked but declared not lacy enough. She was fond of the sample Shetland Triangle[rav link] hanging up, but I’m thinking this is not a good yarn for that pattern. Anyone have suggestions, before I hit the Rav pattern database?

Yes, I bought myself yarn too. It’s Madtosh.

Madtosh Lace

You are not surprised.

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  1. Kel says:

    For the Malabrigo. You could do a mini-Seraphim or Icarus both of which would, I think, do okay with the variegation. I’ve seen heavily variegated Bitterroots that looked stunning. Ishbel? Traveling Woman? Trinity? Springtime Bandit?

    Also. That pink is scrumptious.


    Abbie Reply:

    Oh, Bitterroot, that is just the thing! I am glad we share a braincell.


  2. Kate says:

    Gorgeous yarns! I came here to suggest Ishbel. That’s such a wonderful pattern – and so addicting! Oooh or what about Multnomah? I LURVE that one – so simple, but stunning! And the ripples would really look great with the variegation.


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