Jun 12 2010

Read up on Revival

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Last weekend I visited Melissa and we hung out and drank some Austrian beer (oh, Gösser, I am so glad to have made your acquaintance again) and watched some hockey and some movies and some television. (I introduced her to last year’s awesome Star Trek reboot; she has been introducing me to Six Feet Under. We are equally pleased with both things.) We toured the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania and climbed through all sorts of old train cars. We drank a lot of coffee and created some delicious blue-cheese-and-mushroom stuffed bison burgers for the One Local Summer challenge. I’d link you but Melissa hasn’t written them up on her blog yet. Tsk.

Anyway. It was a lovely weekend and it revived my spirits, so it was only fitting that I ask Melissa to help me photograph my Revival Socks.

Revival Socks by missy

Project: Revival Socks, by Glenna C
Yarn: Green Mountain Spinnery Spinnery Sock Art-Forest, in an unnamed blue color
Needles: US2.5/3.0mm

Seriously. Look at these socks.

Revival socks 2 by missy

(Also that spectacular photograph!) So Glenna has a knack for twisted stitches, and she uses them perfectly in this pattern. It’s not hard to knit at all: the pattern has a great rhythm that is very easy to grok and once you get the hang of it you won’t need to look at the chart again. I had so much fun knitting them up I was sorry when I grafted the second toe. However, I am also looking forward to wearing them, so I have gotten over that.

If you’re looking for a pattern to learn twisted stitches on, I think this would be a great choice. And if you want to recapture your sock mojo? Also, great choice. Glenna’s brilliant and I am very glad she keeps making up designs for me to knit. (Wait, what? She’s not just doing it for me? I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear you say that.)

In short? Knit these socks. You will not be sorry.

And now, back to watching the World Cup. USA/England just wrapped up, and was that not an awesome game? This is going to be the best month of football ever.

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  1. Glenna says:

    <3 They look beautiful on you, and the photos also!
    Very nicely done. Thanks so much for the kudos.


    Abbie Reply:

    My pleasure. It’s really an addictive little thing, this pattern. We took the pictures in a little Japanese garden, and it was delightfully Zen, as one expects a Japanese garden to be.


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