Make Like A Tree

Spring is just about ready to tip over into summer: everything’s green and leafy; the air gets warmer and more humid with every passing day. Since it’s spring, I knit things with leaves. (Wait. I knit things with leaves in every season…)

Embossed Leaves

Project: Embossed Leaves by Mona Schmidt, originally published in IWK Winter ’05, reprinted in the Favorite Socks collection.
Holiday Yarns’ Jennifer’s SockFlock Sock Yarn in Gecko.
Needles:US 1/2.25 mm
Notes: So this yarn was one of the delightful things Rebecca kindly brought me back from last year’s Sock Summit, having noted my fondness for a good shade of green. They went marvelously with this pattern; I’ve knit it several times now and I will never get tired of it. It’s comfort knitting, and it was nice to finally work it in actual leaf-appropriate shades:

Embossed Leaves

I did modify this pattern, just a little. (Is anybody surprised? I’d hope not.) I did a regular slip-stitch on the heel flap instead of the stockinette the pattern calls for, which is just my personal preference; I did a flat toe instead of the round toe in the pattern, for the same reason. To be honest, I do a slip-stitch flap and flat toe on all of the socks I knit for myself. I know exactly what will fit best and I just default to that. I keep saying I need to expand my repertoire, but when the results keep coming out this cute, it’s hard to remember why.

FlockSock shows off texture really well, and I’m really happy with these socks. I have a couple of kits and other skeins of Jennifer’s yarn in my stash, and I really need to dive in and knit them up. Her stuff is unfailingly fun to work with, and always pretty. AND the yardage is great: 400 yards. It’s a generous plenty, and far more than I ever need for my socks. I reskeined what I had leftover (on my new niddy-noddy) and I have over 100 yards still to play with:

Embossed Leaves

My sock blanket yarn collection will be very happy to claim that skein.

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