Feb 01 2010

Sing of happy, not sad

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Anybody else who grew up with Sesame Street remember that one? I rediscovered it a few years ago, and now it earworms its way into my brain frequently. Today is a day to sing of some happy.

Since January is over, so is my little fundraiser. I totaled up my sales of October Leaves, figured out what half of the profits came out to, and I’m really really proud to announce that with your help, I will be making a donation to Doctors Without Borders of $285. (I threw in a buck and change to make it a nice round number.)

Thank you to everyone who bought or gifted a copy. I hope you enjoy knitting your mitts up. I know I keep saying it, but I’m so proud of all the knitters (and crocheters) who pitched in and did this amazing thing. For example, LSG, my home base on Ravelry, has been keeping track of member donations and the current total comes to over $47,000! And Casey over at Ravelry set up a special tag for all the designers donating money from their patterns — I might have done some shopping in there over the month as well. There were a whole lot of people pitching in and they all get my thanks.

The snowman in my backyard approves of you all and your generosity. Thank you all for your help.

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