Dec 19 2009


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The Traveling Sock is not going out today.

Traveling Sock watches the nor'easter

This is because there is a nor’easter raging outside. When I took that picture a few hours ago it was just flurries, but now the wind is howling and the trees are creaking to and fro. The radio is using words like “blizzard warning” and “possible whiteout conditions” and urging everyone to stay home, so after a brief run down the street this afternoon for provisions (provisions meaning shampoo, wrapping paper, and a bottle of Bailey’s) I am all tucked in where it’s warm. My plans involve knitting and wrapping and after dinner that Bailey’s is going into my cocoa.

Since Traveling Sock doesn’t want to go out either, we poked around the house instead, where the Christmas decorations are all out.

Traveling Sock at the Nativity

This is the family nativity set. My mom used to do ceramics and she painted the figurines, and then my dad built the stable to match. As a crafter, I approve of this sort of thing, and I love this nativity to bits.

Traveling Sock and the Santa collection

A couple of steps to the left takes you to the Santa Collection. (Also snowmen, teddy bears, and gingerbread men.) Winter holidays require fuzzy cuddly things, after all.

Traveling Sock meets the tree

And of course, the tree. Well, one of the trees. We actually put up two. That is because we love Christmas that much.

And now, back to the knitting. I’m done shopping now, and just have some smaller bits of knitting to finish and I’m very glad for the excuse to curl up and surround myself with wool. Tomorrow? Shoveling. Ugh!

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