Nov 25 2009

Of all the trees that are in the wood…

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So I haven’t been talking very much about what’s been on my needles lately, and there’s two reasons for that. The first is that my family is tech-savvy enough to surf here and therefore I can’t discuss what they are getting for Christmas. (Well, of course they can reasonably assume they’re getting a knitted gift: this is me we’re talking about.) But the second is this:


Holly & Ivy cover image

This is my newest pattern, and I’ve been working on for weeks. It started out as a wisp of an idea for a stole when I learned I had a wedding to attend right after Christmas, and I swatched and poked and flipped through my stitch dictionaries and said, “Hmmmm,” an awful lot. And then I found the perfect colorway of Malabrigo (Verdes, 203) and I looked at it and it looked at me and said, “the Holly and the Ivy. Duh.” So back to the dictionaries and the swatching, and this is what I ended up with:
Holly & Ivy Wrap

It’s very cushy and soft and — well, it’s Malabrigo, you can just imagine what a delight it is to wrap up in. I know exactly what I’m going to wear it with to this wedding, and I will be very warm and cozy and perfectly seasonally-attired.

But I just wasn’t ready to be done yet, so I went and reworked all the numbers so the pattern would work as a scarf too:
Holly & Ivy Scarf

This one I knit in some Sock Flock from Holiday Yarns, a beautiful Evergreen color that I picked up at Rhinebeck with just this scarf in mind. This is going to be the one item I wear everywhere all season — it’s festive, with the little holly berries, but it’s not obnoxious or gaudy (I try to avoid those things). It’s just a simple little carol in a nice crisp lace, and I love it.

Incidentally, my good friend Melissa kindly did photography for me again, and I cannot tell you how much I love that scarf picture. She got it just right, didn’t she? (She blogs at, and you can see lots of her photography there if you’d like.) She and my friend Margarita also get my thanks for test-knitting. And then, for the first time ever, I had a tech editor, the excellent Sandi Wiseheart, who I met happily at Rhinebeck. I learned a great deal working with her, and my pattern is infinitely better for it.

Have I enticed you yet? There’s all sorts of things you could do with this — longer or shorter, or get creative with the holly berries — maybe beads instead of the French knots I used, or perhaps you’ll surprise me. Sandi even suggested a winter white version and I do believe I’m going to cast that on as soon as I finish the rest of this Christmas knitting.

You can find the pattern for the Holly & Ivy Scarf & Wrap on Ravelry, where it’s available for $5.00. Gift one, keep one for yourself…I won’t tell!

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  1. Gail says:

    Exquisite scarf !! How do you store all your creations?


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