The best weekend of the knitter’s year is now over. My stash acquisitions (there were many) have been photographed and entered into Ravelry, and I am working on shaking my post-Rav cold. But that’s not what you came for, I know. You came for PICTURES.

I aim to please.

I had one of the best weekends ever. Highlights include:

-walking in on Saturday morning at 8:45, going straight to the Fold’s booth (do not pass Go, do not collect $100), grabbing a mill end and a Rare Gem and paying and moving on by 9:30

-bumping into Rebecca and Glenna a half hour later as they were finishing up their turn on the Fold’s line

-being one of the first in line for the famous CHICKEN POT PIES.

-meeting some of the many girls and boys of LSG over the course of the weekend. (The name is ironic. Mostly. Lazy people would never have gotten that excited over Rav username bingo.)

-getting my picture taken with YsoldaBob:

-leaving Saturday to catch an early dinner and making an unexpected but wonderful detour through the Vanderbilt mansion grounds, to find the most inspiring views:
Vanderbilt Estate

-scoring yarn from old favorites (STR, A Touch of Twist, Holiday Yarns) and new (Sliver Moon, Briar Rose). So much yarn. Did I mention I bought yarn?

-the Ravelry party, where I helped Melissa liquor up the room with a keg of her homemade vanilla mead. And where I won a prize. A very very nice prize:

Grand Prize

That is a skein of qivuit yarn. It was the grand prize in the Ravelry party’s raffle, and they called my number, and now it’s mine. I’m going to make a Pretty Thing out of it.

If anybody asks you about Kanye-ing Mary-Heather to proclaim that Ysolda had the best Bob of all time, well. I blame everything on LSG and the mead. And I thank Ravelry very much for the wonderful party and the amazing gift. I missed which company donated it but I thank them too!

-Knitting on the Big Sock — that purple row is mine!

-Meeting Sandi Wiseheart in the Holiday Yarns booth and spending almost half an hour chatting and joking and letting her help separate me from my money in exchange for more yarn. Turns out Sandi’s a kindred spirit and I’m very happy to have met her and learned that fact.

-Spending the weekend with Melissa, one of my oldest and dearest friends. Lounging in our hotel room at the end of the day, drinking tea and discussing what to make with our yarn was the perfect way to end a day of Rhinebeck.

I’m already looking forward to next year, and happily pouring over my new stash deciding what to knit first. Oh, who am I kidding — I know perfectly well what’s getting knit first!

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