Maryland Sheep & Wool ’09

This was my second year attending MDSW. It was not anywhere near as hot as last year.

It was, however, much rainier, so I didn’t have the camera out much. I spotted some fun things, though:


1. Model sheep – literally; he posed when he saw me pick up my camera 2. Natural dyes, waiting for yarn 3. If you cross it, they will make a sign 4. Losing battle 5. Charlotte would be proud! 6. Please touch everything? OK!

I also (almost literally) bumped into Casey, Jess, and MH from Ravelry, but I didn’t want to interrupt, as they were deep in conversation with… Ysolda Teague! To prove it, I kinneared her:

MDSW 2009

Those are her socks. Please note my awesome kinnearing abilities.

But the best part? BOOTY.
Golding drop spindle
This is my new Golding drop spindle, which I have already spun a wee mini-skein with (the skein is soso, the spindle divine). I’m in love, and I want more. Perhaps I could set up a charity?

The Haul
And the yarn and fiber, including a bag of discontinued Soft Angora from Cherry Tree Hill, several different kinds of fiber to play with, some indy sock yarn, more STR and Touch of Twist, and a few more Koigu mill ends for a project. I am very very pleased. Also under budget… really!

Despite the rain I had a ton of fun with Melissa and Snarfy, even when they mocked me for my affection for Wawa.

Now the next question is, can I knit this all up before Rhinebeck?

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