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Jul 09 2010

Feel the Burn

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Traveling Sock went to the beach today. While Traveling Sock sat back and enjoyed the view, its knitter braved the waves and wiped out several times. (Strong surf, today!) She then proceeded to acquire a delightfully tender patch of sunburn on her left knee. The sock is not sympathetic, because clearly the knitter should have […]

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Jul 07 2010


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It has been very hot. New York City set a heat record yesterday: 105 degrees Farenheit. (Or, if you speak Celsius, 40 degrees.) Since I am not a summer person, it is, bluntly, hell. So. I cope by hiding in the air conditioning, and I knit socks, because they are nice and small. I finished […]

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Jul 04 2010


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One score and ten years ago, our foremothers suffered under the tyranny of acrylic. Today we are free to pursue the happiness of merino (and alpaca, and cashmere, and BFL, and tanguis, and silk, and…) And so, I say unto you, my fellow American knitters, go forth and celebrate your independence! I know I am. […]

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