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Feb 20 2008


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So the great Cousin x2 Baby Shower Rush of February is over. (Twin cousins, due within a month of each other. Yes, such things really do happen!) Sweaters have been knit, hats crafted, booties…booted; garments washed and wrapped (while, perhaps, still a wee bit damp), and showers attended. (Ah, baby showers. Such fun and such…unique […]

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Feb 12 2008


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re·straint (rĭ-strānt’) n. The act of not stabbing with your knitting needles the man across the aisle who is snoring so loudly he keeps waking himself up. knit’ter n. One who engages in restraint for the sole reason of not bloodying magnificent yarn. Current train WIP: This would be why I exercised restraint this morning. […]

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Feb 02 2008


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I promised myself at New Year’s that this year I would start a proper knitting blog. Since it’s now February and a twelfth of the year has slipped by…well, no time like the present. For Christmas, Santa did not give me enough time to knit, but I finished everything anyway — albeit at the last […]

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