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Dec 23 2009


From: Abbie To: My Faithful Readers Re: Today’s Shameful Lack of Knitting Content Due to other obligations, I did not knit a stitch today. However. I did make 20 dozen cookies, give or take the ones we ate already. I hope you can all find it in your hearts to be understanding. (If you’re wondering: […]

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Nov 26 2009

We Gather Together

I’m thankful for a lot of things this year, like the roof over my head and the food I eat, and for my yarn (so much yarn) and the beautiful things I can make from it, and also this blog, because I have made quite a few new friends from it already, and discovered a […]

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Nov 15 2009


My friend Melissa came up to the city on Friday and we went on a little adventure to the Cloisters. We saw very impressive carvings: and walked around the gardens, which are all ready for winter: Then we went downtown to see the Lion Brand Studio, but we forgot to check their hours. They were […]

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Sep 20 2009

Heu heu heu!

Yesterday my mom and I took the train into the city to watch the Steuben Day Parade. (It’s named for Baron von Steuben, a German general who worked with Washington during the Revolutionary War, so they have adopted his name for the celebration of German heritage in the States.) We saw lots of stuff: It […]

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Aug 24 2009


So I had a birthday this weekend, which involved visiting with some friends, singing some karaoke, and, of course, some yarn: Amy’s Vintage Office sock yarn from Lorna’s Laces, a gift from J., and some Wollmeise superwash from Melissa, who also made the beautiful bag the yarn is in. She even lined it with a […]

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Aug 11 2009


Yesterday, before my knitting group met up, I had a walk through the Union Square Greenmarket, and my eyes fell on some plums. You should buy those and make plum cake, I thought. Dad really loves plums. It doesn’t hurt that lots of people have been blogging about making plum cake lately. So I bought […]

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