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Nov 08 2010


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I HAVE DONE IT. I have finished the Herringbone Socks. I even have photographic evidence. HERRINGBONE SOCKS pattern: Herringbone Socks by Kristi Schueler, from Knitting Socks with Handpainted Yarn. yarn: Tanis Fiber Arts Blue Label Fingering in Harvest needles: US 1.5 (2.5mm) notes: FINALLY. Part of why these took so long was that I’d get […]

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Oct 01 2010

Dark and Stormy

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I have been doing lots of blocking this week, but there are no pictures of those things yet, because the last few days have been very dark and stormy and that means the light has been awful, and taking my knits out into this blindingly ridiculous rain would undo all my blocking anyhow. But that […]

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Jun 22 2010

Just ducky

Hello, Internets! I have had some adventures. I went to a baseball game. My team did not win, but I got to see some fireworks as well as Quackerjack, my favorite badass mascot: He acts all sweet around the kids (and the couples getting engaged, another thing I got to witness!) but this is one […]

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May 15 2010

Make Like A Tree

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Spring is just about ready to tip over into summer: everything’s green and leafy; the air gets warmer and more humid with every passing day. Since it’s spring, I knit things with leaves. (Wait. I knit things with leaves in every season…) EMBOSSED LEAVES SOCKS Project: Embossed Leaves by Mona Schmidt, originally published in IWK […]

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May 14 2010

Blankets for Babies

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So I showed you beautiful Baby Zoe in my last post, and promised you I’d tell you all about that pretty blanket she was modeling. BABY ZOE’S BLANKET Project: The Frances Nursing Shawl from Kristen Rengren’s Vintage Baby Knits Yarn: Plymouth Happy Feet, in the delightfully evocative color “6”. This particular blanket used just under […]

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May 08 2010

Maryland, land of the unexpected

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Last weekend I went to the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival with Melissa and her husband Doug. It was very hot. We didn’t stay long. We had a list of tasks to accomplish (lamb sandwich, visiting The Fold, grabbing requests for a friend) and as soon as we had our list checked off we ran […]

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Mar 28 2010

Lions and Lambs

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I’ve done lots of knitting this month. Want proof? Look at my To Be Blocked Pile: That is a Featherweight Cardigan on the bottom (Dream in Color Baby in Chinatown Apple) and a Simple Thing Shawlette on the top (Madtosh Sock in Rosewood). They are both beautiful beautiful beautiful and I love them to bits… […]

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Mar 06 2010

February Wrap-Up

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February is always a short month, and yet I got so many things done. Behold: PRETTY QUIVIUT: Pattern: Pretty Thing by Stephenie Pearl-McPhee Yarn: Windy Valley Muskox Qiviuk, a magnificent surprise that I won as a door prize at the Ravelry Rhinebeck Party last fall. Needles: US 4/3.5 mm Notes: Wow. Magnificent combination of yarn […]

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Mar 05 2010


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So, as promised, here is the Olympic project I did finish: OLYMPICS HAT Pattern: Olympics Reindeer Hat, by Helena Bristow, which she kindly created by deconstructing the hats worn by the US Olympics team for the Opening Ceremony. Yarn: Stash diving! The red and blue are Knit Picks Wool of the Andes, and the White […]

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Dec 30 2009

Christmas Wrap-Up

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There are still some cookies left, and the tree is still gamely shedding needles, but Christmas is winding down. My gifts have been distributed and I can now share them with you all, in lovely photo mosaic format: In order: 1. Mom’s socks, knit in basic stockinette on US1s out of Lorna’s Laces Shepard Sock […]

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