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Mar 22 2009

Sports Night

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So I did a little more traveling with a sock (different sock…the BSG socks are a little complex for a game) and joined Melissa and her knit night at a Philadelphia Phantoms game. (Stick and puck, apparently? Who knew?) Melissa’s knitting group (the Philly Burbs Stitch’n’Bitch) is awesome. They had gift bags for everyone: Isn’t […]

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Mar 21 2009

Traveling Sock

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I’m visiting my old college floormate Melissa for the weekend, so last night she took me to her knit night. While that merry band was discussing the virtues of knitting looms and willy warmers, the Yarn Harlot blogged about Glenna’s BSG Socks, and linked to this humble blog in the process. (Probably because I’m blabbing […]

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Mar 18 2009

Owl Treats

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I will confess, to you few dear readers, of a shameful period in my past. A dark time, when I… was a devoted fan …of Harry Potter. Yeah, I know, old news, me and six billion other people, except the ones who think it’s a work of Satan, and Harold Bloom, but he only likes […]

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Mar 10 2009

February Wrapup

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Oh, February. For such a short month, you certainly kept me busy — busy enough that I didn’t even blog about some of the things I knit. Let’s go through the list of Finished Objects, shall we? MOM’S LOCH NESS GLOVES Pattern: Basic Glove Pattern from Ann Budd’s excellent Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns Yarn: […]

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