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Jun 04 2009

May Wrap-up

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Are we really done with May already? Yikes. At this rate it’ll be Rhinebeck season before I’m ready! May was a busy month. I had two sisters graduate from college, one with a bachelor’s in nursing, one with a master’s in education. And then? I graduated! Behold, one Master of Library Science: As you can […]

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May 07 2009

April Wrap-Up

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Ah, April. April went a little crazy this year. Temperatures jumping from 40 F to 90 F in a day, sunny (and then pouring all over May instead)… I think I’m glad it’s May, despite the rain. JO’S BRIDAL SHOWER SET Pattern: Felted Oven Mitt and Trivet from Felted Knits by Bev Galaskas; washclothes in […]

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Apr 06 2009

March Wrap-Up

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March was a pretty simple month for me: one crazy all-encompassing pattern of doom = startitis everywhere else. HEDWIG SOCKS Pattern: Basic Stockinette Sock with heel flap Yarn: Opal Harry Potter sock yarn in Hedwig Needles: US1/2.25mm bamboos Notes: Written up here for your perusal. VIPER PILOTS Pattern: Viper Pilots by Glenna C Yarn: Dream […]

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Mar 10 2009

February Wrapup

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Oh, February. For such a short month, you certainly kept me busy — busy enough that I didn’t even blog about some of the things I knit. Let’s go through the list of Finished Objects, shall we? MOM’S LOCH NESS GLOVES Pattern: Basic Glove Pattern from Ann Budd’s excellent Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns Yarn: […]

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Feb 02 2009

January Wrap-up

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Melissa posted an end-of-the-month update, and I thought that was an excellent idea. So I stole it. Shamelessly. Thanks, M. I didn’t really many any knitting resolutions this year, except informally to try to knitdown some of the stash. But I did finish three things this month: HULA MONKEYS Pattern: Monkey Socks by Cookie A […]

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