Feb 08 2008

Muggle-Proof Scarf

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I’d been looking to knit myself — finally — a Hogwarts scarf, but when I saw Neville’s house unity scarf on screen, I was so disappointed. The black background made the colors seem harsh, and the single bands of color didn’t even remotely match the charm of the paired stripes in the 3rd year scarves that I so love.

So this is the house unity scarf as I would have preferred to see it. It’s a bit of a secret handshake — any true Potter fan will recognize the color combination instantly, but to Joe Muggle on the sidewalk, it’s just an assortment of stripes keeping your neck warm.

Level: Beginner
Needles: Size 8, or as appropriate for yarn.
Yarn: Wool of the Andes, available through Knitpicks.com.
Lake Ice Heather: 3 skeins
House colors, 1 skein each as follows:
MC: Stream
CC: Pumpkin
MC: Iron Ore
CC: Wheat
MC: Evergreen
CC: Lake Ice Heather
MC: Coal
CC: Daffodil

Any appropriately colored worsted weight yarn can be substituted.

Notes: Only a few dozen yards of each house color will be used. If you have sufficient scrap yarn lying around, feel free to use that instead of buying whole skeins.


Cast on 35 stitches using Lake Ice Heather. Knit in 1×1 rib for 25 rows.

R 26: Break yarn. With Gryffindor MC, knit in established pattern for three rows. Do not break yarn, but catch with Gryffindor CC.

R 29: With Gryffindor CC, knit in pattern for two rows. Break yarn.

R 31: Take up Gryffindor MC and knit three rows. Break yarn.

R 34: With Lake Ice Heather, knit in established pattern for 25 rows.

Repeat stripe patterns for Ravenclaw, Slytherin, and Hufflepuff colors, separated by 25-row blocks of Lake Ice Heather. (You can have them in whatever order you like, even.) Repeat, in established order, until scarf reaches desired length. (I did three.)

Knit one final 25-row block in Lake Ice Heather.

Bind off in established rib.

Weave in ends and block well. Remember Muggle security!

This pattern is copyright Abbie Tilden, 2008. This pattern may not be reposted. This pattern is to be used for personal, non-commercial use; the finished project may be used for charitable purposes.

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