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Dec 26 2010

…but the fire is so delightful

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There is an honest-to-goodness blizzard outside. Wind gusts of 50mph+, show so thick I can barely see the lights on the other side of the street, and chill trying to creep in around the doors and windows. I am curled up in the living room with yarn and my laptop, the tree glimmering to my […]

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Dec 24 2010

Old Mr Kringle, he’s soon gonna jingle…

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So I have had to prioritize a great deal this month. Basically? Christmas knitting won over everything else. (Well, that and baking. There was a lot of baking, too.) I also purchased gifts, like this one: That would be Traveling Sock, waiting with me on line to get Ina Garten to autograph her new cookbook […]

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