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Mar 24 2008

FO: Nantucket Clapotis

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I finally got around to weaving in the ends on my beautiful Nantucket Clapotis, modeled here by Skippy. I wore it this morning, and almost didn’t take it off when I got to the office, it’s so soft. And seeing as how March hasn’t reached lamb stage yet (ahem, five days left, March, let’s get […]

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Mar 10 2008

Anemoi Mittens

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Just a quick pop-of-the-head to show off one-half of my Anemoi Mittens, which I finished over the weekend. I love, love, love this pattern, and I put this on and wave it around and wonder that something so lovely actually came off my needles. (It helps that the pattern is so magnificent.) Maybe I can […]

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Mar 03 2008

***kicking socks

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I had to be at work extremely early today, which required taking a much earlier train on this, the first work week after the fair increase kicked in. My early train encountered switch problems, which then led to the engineer using a lead foot on the throttle, resulting in a station stop where we overshot […]

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